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Buying a property and moving a house on to it has become not only a business for many, it’s a part of the New Zealand’s property ladder. Haines Group (formally Haines House Removals) proudly celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year of being in the house removals business.

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Greg Hahn of Haines says there are huge cost savings to be made in relocating a house as compared to building a new home and especially in the current environment with cost rises and the shortage of labour. Over time we provided houses for clients that now enjoy healthy rental returns from up to ten houses. They have their formulas, and they stick to them.

Auckland is now full of housing developments and houses are being moved off and re-purposed in other parts of the country. Greg says “many of our homes don’t make the market or are not advertised because we have clients looking for something specific. Its sometimes better than having a yard full of houses with limited choices”.

As part of the process Haines applies for all of the transportation permits from organisations such as telephone lines, LTSA, and every electricity lines company along the proposed route. The local council will require building and possibly resource consents to place the building on its new site but often this is easier than a new build.

Houses with concrete floors and two-storey houses are more difficult but not impossible. They do however end up more costly. There is no such thing as an average or normal house removal. They are all different and require specialised lifting and transport equipment that lift and steer into difficult sites.

We recommend contacting a reputable house relocatable company as the first step. That’s a company that owns their own trucks and trailers, not a broker.

For more information Call Greg and the team on Auckland -021 933 000 or Northland on 027 491 9066.

“We must be one of the oldest recycling industries with 50 Years of house removals”